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Cash Levels On-Island Sufficient and Banks Continue Work on ATM Solutions

The FIC along with the three US Bank Branches (Bank of Hawaii, Bank of Guam, and BankPacific), have been coordinating with the Ministry of Health’s EOC, and the Palau National Aviation Authority to secure safe entry and exit of technicians from Guam who will be here to service and repair all bank ATM’s.

The FIC and the three US Bank Branch Managers as well as their Headquarters have been and continue to be in close communications regarding levels and availability of cash as well as monitoring the performance of the Banks’ ATM’s at various locations on island.

There are sufficient levels of cash at all banks on island to meet demand, and banks continue to import currency as needed and anticipated. However, we urge all customers with bank issued cards to utilize them for purchases at merchants that accept debit and credit card payments. We also encourage customers that have checking accounts to utilize checks as a means of payment to establishments that accept them in lieu of cash.

We humbly ask for the community’s patience while we collectively work to resolve the ATM issues. The aim for all those involved is to fully restore the ability of account and card holders to access their accounts and conduct transactions through the ATM’s.

Thank you again and please be assured that work is being done to improve the situation during this period that our borders are closed to normal travel into and out of our country.

List of ATM Locations and Status as of Date of this Press Release:

  1. Bank of Hawaii:
    • OPERATIONAL: Bank Lobby ATM
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: Branch ATM (External)
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: WCTC Ben Franklin
  2. BankPacific:
    • Pending Servicing: WCTC Malakal Mini-Mart – In-Store ATM
    • Pending Servicing: BankPacific Branch, Lebuu Street
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: Topside Mobil Gas Station
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: WCTC Airai Gas Station
  3. Bank of Guam:
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: Branch ATM
    • Pending Repair and Servicing: Airport ATM

Should you have any specific questions regarding ATM’s or related services, please contact your bank.

Semdiu Decherong
Executive Commissioner